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What to Expect

During a Sunday service you can expect a robust liturgy​ with many corporate elements such as singing, reciting scripture and corporate prayer. Recognizing the Gospel as the foundation of our new life in Christ, we structure our service to be a proclamation of this Gospel. 

Our worship service is grouped into the following sections:

Call to Worship: We start with a proclamation of God: His Character, His perfections and His actions

The Law: In light of the character of God, we recognize our sin, our unworthiness and our desperate need.

The Gospel: By Grace, God has not left us in our need. He has revealed himself to us and provided forgiveness of our sins, reconciliation to himself and new life.

The Table: We come to the table to see the gospel made tangible

The Benediction: Our gratitude for what God has done for us urges us to go forth in obedience, proclaiming that same gospel we received

We currently do not have childcare. We believe there is value in children seeing their parents worship the Lord together with the rest of the body of Christ, so they are welcome to remain in the service.

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Time Location

Our service begins at 5:00 pm and is about

an hour and a half long.

We are located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Midland. The building is located just off of Scharbauer Dr and Butternut Lane.

There is ample parking in the parking lot. If for some reason there is no parking available, you can park in the parking lot directly west of the building.

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