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What is Saint's Rest?

Saint's Rest is a Confessional Baptist Church in Midland, Texas committed to proclaiming the sufficiency of Christ while working with the Grace Reformed Network.  We gather weekly to be pointed outside of ourselves to the unchanging Christ, who is our only wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. In doing so we are reminded week after week of the rest that belongs to each Christian according to the gospel - Christ himself.

To take a deeper dive into the meaning of our name "Saint's Rest Reformed Church" follow the link below for a full, in depth, explanation.

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Saint's Rest Creeds and
Confession of Faith

The Church’s final and ultimate authority is the Word of God. There are, however, explanations of biblical doctrine which have served the church throughout its history. The Orthodox Creeds and Protestant Reformed Confessions of Faith were born out of moments of much-needed clarity. The Creeds and Confessions also helped the church define orthodoxy, informed its worship, and provided it with a trusted exposition of the Law and Gospel of Christ. 

While we do not understand Creeds and Confessions of Faith to be inspired or to carry the same authority as scripture, we receive them as subservient authorities since they are faithful expositions of scripture and represent the foremost doctrinal witness of the church before us. We have submitted to the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed and Creed of Chalcedon and 1689 Second London Baptist Confession as our teaching standards in order to assist us in our pursuit of Reformed Protestant Orthodoxy. We affirm the usefulness of these documents to the church, as a guide for teaching, doctrine to unite around, and protection from heresies both old and new.

Common language at the time of the Creeds and Confession includes calling the universal body of believers (the Church) the "catholic church", this is not identifying the Universal Church with the Roman Catholic Church, but instead identifying the unity or catholicty of all believers in Christ

Confessions and Creeds

If you would like to know more about why we choose to ascribe to a confession, follow the link below. Or click on each link below to read the creeds and confessions

Core Distinctive Videos

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